The idea or concept of the N.U.C.U.A.A., INC. begin with Michele Smith of Washington, D.C. and Oni Oluremi-Minnifield who both were taking Graduate classes at Georgia State University. Michele was invited to attend Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church with Oni as her guest.  During her visit, she noticed that Oni and her husband Willie were Ushers. Michele informed them of the National and they were eager to learn more. Michele, in turn, contacted her father, Honorary President, Raymond A. Smith. During a conversation with Rev. Curtiss L. Long, pastor at Holsey Temple C.M.E., Oni and Willie discussed what Michele had told them about the National. Rev. Long contacted Rev. Smith and he made arrangements for the four of them to meet with Honorary President Smith in his home in Washington D.C. to discuss the organization. A very fruitful meeting was held and information was given to them on the organization.  Afterwards, a meeting was set up to present the organization to the State of Georgia. Third Vice President Arthur Jackson relayed the information to the Southern Regional Organizer George Faber.  On July 14, 1979, Bro. George Faber introduced the organization at a meeting that was held at Paschal Brothers Hotel (restaurant & hotel of the Civil Rights Movement) in Atlanta, GA. Those present at the meeting were: Rev. Curtiss L. Long, Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church, Rev. L. W. Jay, Butler Street C.M.E Church, Rev. John Thompson, Westside Community C.M.E Church; Rev. M.L. Raglin, First Corinth Baptist Church; Brenda Minnifield (Oni Oluremi-Minnifield) and Michele Smith.

On Sunday, July 15, 1979, the Ushers at Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church met with Bro Favors. The President of Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church Young Adults Usher Board, Willie J. Minnifield, presided over the meeting.  Brochures were passed out, as well as, programs from the 1975 Convention held in Louisiana, past copies of the Doorkeeper, copies of the Southern Regional Conferences and Directories.  Present at this meeting were: Willie and Oni Oluremi-Minnifield, Brenda and Gilchrist Garrett, Carolyn Green, Lula Cade, George Cade, Julius Minnifield, Jr., George and Julie Collier Mae Zachery and Eddie Wilson. A $50.00 joining fee was received.

On July 24, 1979, Rev. Curtiss L. Long attended the National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, to represent the 14 churches in the State of Georgia. Rev. Long offered remarks, including an invitation to come to Atlanta for a National Convention. It was moved by Mary Alice Gordon, and seconded by Henry Ballard that the State of Georgia becomes a member of the National. The motion was carried.

On September 14, 1979, an organizational meeting was held to set up the structure of the State of Georgia. The meeting was conducted by George Faber, Bessie “Tish” Taylor-Jett and Arthur Jackson. We were also honored by having the Chairman of the National Board of Directors, Lewis Martin, to help us organize.  The newly elected officers were: Willie J. Minnifield –President; Michele Smith – Recording Secretary; Corrine Stamps – Financial Secretary; Helen Hester – Treasurer; Karen Mosley – Chaplain; Willie Collier chairman of the School of Ushering.

The Charge was given by Arthur Jackson, Sr. and George Faber. Bessie “Tish” Taylor- Jett conducted a School of Ushering Workshop and explained the various Departments and Committees. The Foundation was laid and the State of Georgia was on its way.

In 1980, Willie and Oni (Oluremi) Minnifield and Michele Smith represented the State of GA in Memphis, TN. These were our First Official Delegates as a New State.  We are grateful to those ushers who moved to the State and immediately started to work: Hannah and Joseph Allen – MO; Roxie Hollins - OH; Annie Cottrell – OH; Walter and Gracie Benjamin – IL; Carol Griffin – NY; Harry and Evelyn Richardson – NY; Rosetta Faulkner – Draper – IL; and Cameo Clark – CA.

FIRST AND SEVENTH STATE PRESIDENT - Willie Minnifield – 1979-1987/ 1997-2000 -Under his Administration Five Cities were organized; The State Bylaws were developed and the State became incorporated; He established all of the National Departments; The State of Georgia received its National Charter; Started the First School of Ushering; Instituted an Annual Prayer Breakfast; and held the First State meeting.

SECOND STATE PRESIDENT - Oni Oluremi-Minnifield – 1987-1990 – Oni established our First Alumni Tribe;  Oni organized the State into four Districts; Instituted a Two Day State Convention and produced the first State Souvenir Journal; The School Graduated 102 Students and two of Atlanta’s Historical Churches joined the organization – Big Bethel A.M.E and Wheat Street Baptist Church.

Third State President - Pearlena White - 1990-1991 – Under Pearleana’s Administration the State continue to grow.

FOURTH AND ELEVENTH STATE PRESIDENT – Margery C. Pace – 1991-1994/2009 to present – She reorganized the State Boundaries; Instituted the Aids Walk; Developed the Willie J. Minnifield Training and Development and Outreach Departments; and Established the Elijah Hamilton Tag Day.

FIFTH STATE PRESIDENT - Harold Hester, Jr. – 1994 – 1995 – Harold reorganized the State into two Districts; Proposed several Bylaw Changes.

SIXTH AND TENTH STATE PRESIDENT – Barbara Eunice – 1995-1997/2007-2009 -  Barbara developed a binder for each Vice President, the Young Adult and Junior Presidents containing information to assist them in recruiting new churches; Supported the Willie J. Minnifield Training and Development and Outreach Departments; In conjunction with the Board of Directors, revised the State Bylaws; Continued the Aids Walk; Coordinated “An After Christmas Banquet to remember” ; and Supported the LeRoy Johnson Build Fund.

EIGHT STATE PRESIDENT – Julius Minnifield, Jr. – 2000-2005 – Hosted the 2004 National Convention held in Atlanta, GA.

NINTH STATE PRESIDENT – Harry Richardson - 2005-2007

Tenth State President - Harold Hester 

Our First Junior State President was Joleathia Minnifield-Jones and Margery C. Pace served as our First Young Adult President.

The State has made numerous accomplishments since joining the National in 1979.  National Officers: Willie Minnifield - 14th National President, 1st, 2nd, 3, and 4th National Vice Presidents National Board of Directors Member and Chairman of the Past National Officers; Harold Hester, Jr. 21st National President – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th National Vice Presidents, National Board of Directors Member, National Nominating Committee, and National Corresponding Secretary; Oni Oluremi-Minnifield – National Board of Directors Member, National Nominating Committee Chairman;  Margery C. Pace – Recording and Assistant Recording Secretaries, Nominating Committee; Barbara Eunice – National Corresponding Secretary; Jaye Blackman – National Nominating Committee Chairman, Memorial Chairman and Outreach Chairman; Maggie Mitchell – Arts and Crafts Chairman; Helen Hester National Memorial Chairman.

Joleathia Minnifield-Jones – Junior National President; Keith Minnifield – Young Adults President and Trustee of the R.E. Harshaw Foundation; Curtiss Hester – Chairman of the Young Adults Board of Directors.

The State of Georgia has also been the recipient of several National Awards: Alumni – Book of Sevens; Usher of the Year – Julius Minnifield, Jr. and Harry Richardson; William H. Davis Medal Of Honor – Willie Minnifield, Oni Oluremi-Minnifield, Harold Hester, Jr., and Barbara Eunice; Honorary Medal Recipient Hannah Allen; Educational Contestant Winners: Brian Morgan, Makeba Davis, Teresa Howell, Shelia Blackman, Brandon Porchea, Olu Fann, Kira Jean Lynch, and Brian Morgan.

The State of Georgia has 17 National Instructors.