The State of Arkansas was organized on March 12, 1939 in the Arch Street Baptist Church.  At that time, its membership consisted of six churches: Arch Street, Bethel A.M.E., First Baptist, 7th and Gaines, Mt Zion, St. Johns, and 26th and Main. The first to serve as President was Cleo Robinson. He served for a period of 6 months and resigned.

The State called a meeting and elected A.L. Shepherd to President to serve the balance of the year. He served as President from 1941 to 1945. Arkansas Ushers progressed under his leadership.  His footprint can never be erased. There are always those whose efforts seem to add much to the progress of an organization. A.L. Shepherd was just such a man.

When the Union was first organized, he was elected as Chaplain and it was his delightful pleasure to sign and pray for the success of the State.

In 1941, Little Rock Ushers’ Union became a part of the State Usher’s Federation of Arkansas, Inc. It also became a member of the National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc. During the years, this Union has steadily progressed from the six churches. At present, its influence and service is extended throughout the State.

The membership is devoted, loyal and consecrated to the purpose of the Church and Church Ushering.

The Ushers of Arkansas is noted throughout the State and Nation for its progressive outlook and devotion to principles and ideas.  The purpose of the State is to create and foster a uniform method of Church Ushering, to form a closer bond of friendship and social contact between the members of the several churches, and to help in the Evangelical Spread of the Gospel.

Under the leadership of A.L. Shepherd and his fine corp of officers, ably assisted by the ranks and files of the Union, we looked forward to the continued success in our chosen field as Christian workers.

The following were the first corp of Officers: President Cleo Robinson, Interim President A.L.Shepherd, Vice President Lonnie Bennett, Vice President T.H.Dannah, Recording Secretary Teaster Rollins, Assistant Recording Secretary Selma Young, Financial Secretary M.S.McElroy, Treasurer Gerti Clemons and Chaplain Henry Anna Tate.

Presidents who have served the State of ArkansasCleo Robinson - A.L. Shepherd - Russ Crawford- Rosie Parchmond – Lonnie Bennett - Mack Payne – Willie Slay and our current President is Michael Stevens.