The Lousiana Church Ushers 

The Louisiana Ushers were organized in June 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana at Fourth Mark Baptist Church; Rev. E. J. Thompson was the Pastor.
Mrs. Luella Johnson attended the National Ushers Convention. Her desire was to be a part of this great National Untied Church Ushers Organization, Mrs. Johnson brought all the papers and ideas back to her church Ushers. She looked for a place to hold a meeting so she could tell all the ushers about this about this great Usher’s Organization. As she moved around, she asked Rev. E.J. Thompson and he gladly opened his doors. Many Ushers attended this meeting. Rev. Morris Edwards was the Advisor. On this Sunday, there were Junior and Senior Ushers present. Mr. Swiftly Davis from the state of Texas and Mr. Robert Allen from Chicago, Illinois were there to give all the support they could.
The Usher’s officers were elected and Mr. Robert Allen suggested that Mrs. Luella B. Johnson become President. It was agreed and all officers were installed. Now they were ready to go to work. Members were added, Camille Hardy joined and this was a help to Mrs. Johnson, who was really glad that Louisiana was a part of this great organization.
In 1975 Louisiana hosted the NUCUAA at the Fairmont Hotel and there Mrs. Johnson was honored. Our State Convention has been in progress over twenty years. Lillian B McKee served as acting President and in 1978 Mrs. Luella Johnson was made President Emeritus. Maggie Walker became President and with her leadership, we continued to progress. Several National Conventions have been hosted in Louisiana. Sister Maggie Walker stepped down as President, due to the illness of her husband. In 1999 Dr. Wilbert Collins of the Macedonia Baptist Church of Slidell, Louisiana was appointed President by President Walker and the State body. Sister Lilly Richardson was appointed President of the city of New Orleans, and surrounding vicinity.

In the year 2000, Sister Gillis T Branch was appointed as the City Chairman of the New Orleans School. In 2001, Sister Branch was elected as State Chairmen of all schools of Louisiana. New Orleans school was renamed by a majority vote from city wide Ushers of New Orleans to New Orleans School of Ushering Ministry.

In May of 2003, State President, Lilly Richardson and state and city Chairman Gillis T. Branch all organized the Baton Rouge School of Ushers, with great assistance of Bro. Prince Pointed, who was and still remains president of Baton Rouge School of Ushers. 
God has truly blessed the schools to have members to graduate through the teaching of Chairman Gillis T. Branch.  We have seven Instructors and a host of graduates.  She instituted an Instructors’ workshops and training classes for Instructors and promising Instructors.

In September of 2003, Sister Lilly Richardson was voted in as President at the Pleasant Valley Baptist church in New Orleans, LA, Rev. Vanadu, pastor.
In September of 2004, the School of Ushers of Slidell, La. started preparing for new classes, but due to the disasters that were caused by Hurricane  Katrina in Slidell in August, 2005, the class of 2005 was scheduled to be held in Baton Rouge, LA which was later postponed.  In September 2006, the annual State School workshop and 4th graduation commencement was held at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Slidell, LA.  Sister Tanya Moses, 2nd Vice President was the Host in Slidell, LA.

“We’ve come this far by Faith”…… our 40th year State Convention was held June 22-23, 2007 at Promise Land Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, La., Rev. Perry Wright, Pastor, Bro. Prince Pointer, Chairman and Sis. Diane Gray, Co-chairman.

In 2010 after making many trips back and forth to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, and still displaced in Texas, Sis. Lilly Richardson stepped down as President. At the June 12, 2010 State meeting at the Friendship Chapel B.C., Baton Rouge, LA. Gillis T Branch was nominated for State President and voted in by the body and Sis. Gwendolyn Jason was voted in by the body as Vice President. The slate of elected 2010-2011 officers are : Diane Gray, secretary, Bernadine Collins, financial Secretary, Cassie Thomas, Chaplin, Augustine Getteridge, assistant Chaplain, Jerry Kennedy, Sergeant At-Arms, and LaVerne Seaberry, Assistant Sergeant At-Arms.

The fourth school of Ushers was organized in 2008 in Kenner, La with Laverne Seaberry as President.
Under the Stewardship of Missionary Lilly Richardson and Minister Gillis T. Branch four schools were set up: New Orleans, Slidell, Kenner, and Baton Rouge, LA, Seven Instructors and many graduates…

The year of 2010, under the watch of President Gillis T Branch, challenged the State with a number of “firsts”- first Annual Alumni Banquet; first Memorial Day program; first Graduation/installation of Officers’ Ceremony and; first Pre-Honorary Program before the state convention. We are just Praising God and enjoying the journey that God has the State on. We are steadily growing for it is a new day and all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and call according to His purposes. If we keep stepping to Jesus, He will make every thing alright.

Our current President is Prince Pointer of Baton Rouge, LA