The State of Carolina joined the organization in 1987 under the combined leadership of Arthur Jackson and Willie j. Minnifield. Bro. Jackson had laid the ground work with the State prior to his going out of office. Bro. Minnifield set up the first meeting with the State and accepted their application. At the organizational meeting, Bro. Minnifield organized the State and held their election. Jean Brodie was elected the first President. Sis Bessie Tish Taylor-Jett gave a workshop on the benefits of being a member. Bro. Kensey Lewis gave a workshop and set up the School of Ushering.  Sis Oni Oluremi-Minnifield gave an overview of the Education Department.

The State of North Carolina became inactive but, it was reorganized by Director Pauline E. Young.  Director Young assigned Regional Organizer Bro Frank Hastie to continue to work  with the State. In 2004 North Carolina was reactivated.

Unfortunately, North Carolina once again became inactive. Director Harold Hester, Jr. and Chairman of the President Council of the Southern Region have held several workshops I an effort to bring them back into the organization.