The Southern Region, an affiliate of the National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc, is a lay organization whose purpose is to promote church Ushering throughout the Southern States without regard to race, creed or denomination.

We are committed to the use and perpetuation of a uniform method of church ushering.  We are an interdenominational organization of church ushers organized to break down the barrier of discrimination and prejudice which has seriously hampered the church in its efforts to preform its mission in the world. 

In conjunction with our national organization, it is our mission:

  • To lead all mankind to Christ
  • To stimulate interest in church ushering
  • To promote growth through the development and implementation of innovative programs
  • To raise the spiritual, moral, and social awareness of our members.

Joining together to further this common Christian cause was essential to the progress of individual church usher boards because the problems faced in one church are also the problems faced in other usher's churches.

Our region, the youngest of the four regions, has enjoyed many successes and accomplishments.  We realize that these successes and accomplishments could not have been made possible without God leading and guiding us all of the way.  God brought forth competent leaders to our region to plan, develop and organize us in becoming the "Second to None Region".  But most of all, he placed Ushers who were dedicated, determined and dependable in putting forward a concerted effort in building our region.

Therefore, as much can be accomplished through organized efforts.  We cannot see any just reason why all church ushers should not be joined together in one great organization working for the betterment of a common cause.

We the members of the Southern Region thank you for visiting our site and invite you to continue to learn more about the "Second to None Region".