The United Church Ushers Federation of Tennessee

The ideal of a church Ushers Federation was born 1915 in the heart of our founder Bro. J. B. McGhee of New Prospect Baptist Church.  Several attempts were made to organize but failed.
On February 8, 1924 a meeting was called at the Metropolitan Baptist Church to accept the constitution by-laws and elect officers. The committee consisted of Bro. James Anderson of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Bro. Wilburn of New Salem Baptist Church, Bro. Sidney Askew, Central Baptist Church and Bro. B. J. McGhee.  The purpose was to create friendly relations with all church ushers, to promote Christian civilization, to teach responsibility, religiously cooperate to ensure the strength of unity and to come together to receive instructions.

Bro. B. J. McGhee served from February 1924 until July 1941. They met at Bloomfield Baptist Church and elected Bro. R. E. Harshaw, Jr. of Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Bro. McGhee was given the honor of President Emeritus; he went from labor to rest on February 15, 1945.

Bro. Robert Emmett Harshaw, Jr. led the Mt. Zion B. C. Usher Board for 36 years as president. The 2nd State President of the Ushers Federation for thirty years, (July 1941 –December 1971).  In July 1945, we united with the National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc. and he was elected as 4th Vice President. In 1948, he was elected as 2nd Vice President.  While serving as the 2nd Vice President, he had a dream of a penny a week donated by the Ushers 52 cent a year help establish a scholarship Fund that would educate our youth.  In 1960, as National President he presented his dream to the National Convention. Beginning in 1968, this foundation was established for the exclusive purpose of enabling the Association to grant undergraduate tuition scholarships and graduate or professional fellowship stipends to qualified applicants and make contributions to educational institutions.

After the passing of Bro. R. E. Harshaw Jr., Bro Curtis Richmond of Magnolia First Baptist Church, servicing as Vice President of TN completed the term of Bro. Harshaw as State President.  January 8, 1972, Bro. Richmond was elected 3rd State President of Tennessee.  Under the leadership of Bro. Curtis Richmond, two chartered buses were taken to the National Convention in Washington, D. C. One bus was taken in 1973 to Convention in Detroit, Michigan. The name of the organization was changed to The United Church Ushers of Tennessee, hoping to encourage other churches to join. We established a President Council, held our First Annual Tea, Revised our Junior and Young People and Young Adult Departments as well as the School of Ushering and our Board of Directors grew stronger.

On June 26th – June 29th, 1974, the United Church Ushers Federation of Tennessee had its “First State Convention.

Bro. Alfred Howard serving as Vice President was elected as 4th State President in December 1975 serving until June of 1995.

Bro. Curtis Richmond served a 2nd term from June of 1980 until June of 1995, as the 5th President. He also served as the 9th and 10th President, 2001 – 2003. Bro. Richmond served a total of 20 years as President of our organization.

Sis. Eunice Kuykendall, Shady Grove Baptist Church was our 6th State President and the First Lady President serving from June 1975 until June 1997.

Bro. Alfred Howard, Jr., in June of 1997 served a 2nd term as our 7th State President serving until his call from labor on March 8, 1998.

Sis. Janie Tyler, Shady Grove Baptist Church became State President to serve out his term. She was elected as our 8th State President and our 2nd Lady President in June 1998.

Our 11th State President and 3rd Lady President was elected in June of 2003 and served until June of 2006 was Sis. Ida M Hampton, of New Life Baptist Church.  Sis. Hampton worked faithful in the Outreach Department in the National.  During her tenure we raised $707.70 for the Katrina Crisis on October 1, 2005.

Sis. VeAnne Spencer Buchanan our 4th Lady President and 12th State President was elected in June 2006 and served until June of 2010. Sis. Buchanan has served as President of Magnolia First Baptist Church ushers ministry from 2005 - 2009, a State Board of Directors, Financial Secretary and Treasurer in the State.  On the Regional level, she served as Chairman of The Health Unit, Assistant Financial Secretary and Treasury. Sis Buchanan was elected as a National Board of Director Member at the 2007 National United Church Ushers Association of America., Inc. in Denver, CO.

Our 13th State President was Sis. Joyace Guinn, of Mt. Zion Baptist Church serving from June of 2010 until June 2011.

Sis. VeAnne Buchanan was reelected in June of 2011 - present.